The embarrassingly wrong history of the expression “embarrassment of riches”

“Embarrassment of riches” is a widely-used idiomatic expression that most people are familiar with. If you Google the phrase, you get millions of hits. At any given time, if you limit your search to Google’s News section, you’ll find it in hundreds of of recent news-related stories and posts. The phrase “embarrassment of riches” is … Read more

OCTOBER 9 – The Greeks had a phrase for it: “Know thyself.”

On October 9th in the year 28 B.C., the Temple of Apollo at Delphi was dedicated. An inscription on the temple said: “Gnothi seauton.” In English, that’s the famous quotation “Know thyself.” The quote is generally attributed to “The Seven Sages of Greece,” a.k.a. the “Seven Wise Men,” though the words are sometimes attributed to … Read more