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I’m a retired public policy and political consultant and a lifelong quotation buff. Some years ago, I noticed that there were few websites that discuss the background and context of famous quotes and none that organize them by date. So, I decided to create one in the form of this blog.

If you have questions, comments or corrections, you can email me at cujokey [@] gmail.com or post a message on The Famous Quotations Facebook page, which is linked to this blog and to my other blog about quotations QuoteCounterquote.com.


I try to make ThisDayinQuotes.com both educational and entertaining. I limit the number of paid ads and do not accept ads involving any sexual or offensive content.

My basic rates are $15 per month for a square or rectangular sidebar ad and $30 per month for a top banner ad or long vertical sidebar ad.

For more information, please email me at cujokey [@] gmail.com.