SEPTEMBER 27 – Remember when we used to “Fly the friendly skies?”

Several airline advertising slogans have become memes in our culture even though the airlines that used them no longer exist. For example… “It’s the only way to fly!” – The famed ad slogan used by Western Airlines, starting in 1956, which became a familiar saying. “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” – The ad slogan … Read more

SEPTEMBER 22 – “Slowly I turned…”

September 22 is the anniversary of the most widely known version of an old vaudeville routine – the “Slowly I turned” shtick. In this classic comedy bit, the name of a certain place causes a husband to recall how his wife ran away with another man and how he took his revenge on the wife-stealer … Read more

SEPTEMBER 18 – Was Lincoln a Great Emancipator or a Great Obfuscator?

An Abraham Lincoln quotation that is often noted in modern, clear-eyed accounts of his life comes from one of his debates with Stephen Douglas, during their 1858 contest for an Illinois Senate seat in Congress. At the time, white male voters were the only voters and most were racist. So, Douglas had been doing his … Read more

“Danger, Will Robinson!”

In addition to being a fan of old TV westerns, like Have Gun – Will Travel, I’m also a fan of vintage science fiction shows. Even the bad ones, if they’re bad enough to be good. One of my favorite so-bad-it’s-good-bad science fiction series is Lost in Space, which debuted on September 15, 1965. This … Read more

SEPTEMBER 11 – They’ll never take our freedom (to rewrite history)

If you saw the 1995 movie Braveheart, you almost surely remember star Mel Gibson in his blue-painted face yelling the famous line “They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!” If you didn’t, watch the clip on YouTube. In fact, even if you’ve seen the movie multiple times (like I have), watch … Read more

SEPTEMBER 10 – I want to believe the truth is out there!

It has been a year to the day since Barack Obama uttered his controversial “lipstick on a pig” sideswipe at John McCain and Sarah Palin, on September 10, 2008. But I covered that quote in another recent post. So, for today’s post, I’ve picked two of my favorite TV quotes: “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE” … Read more

SEPTEMBER 9 – Happy Birthday, United States of America!

Yes, I said Happy Birthday United States of America. And, yes, I know this is September 9th and not July 4th. But the fact is, it was on September 9th  – 233 years ago today – that our country was officially named. Before that, our would-be country was known as the “the United Colonies.” And, … Read more

SEPTEMBER 6 – OMG re: W. and OB-GYNs

Back in January of 1775, British playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s play The Rivals premiered. It introduced a character named Mrs. Malaprop. Her name was inspired by the French term mal à propos, meaning “inappropriate.” The name reflects the fact that Mrs. Malaprop was very linguistically challenged. In the play, she said lots of funny things … Read more

SEPTEMBER 4 – The birth of billions of “Kodak Moments”

On September 4, 1888, the name “Kodak” was registered as a trademark by American inventor and entrepreneur George Eastman (1954-1932). Soon thereafter, it became a household word. Around the same time, Eastman was granted a U.S. patent for his pioneering roll-film still camera. A version was soon named and being sold as the Kodak “Brownie.” … Read more

SEPTEMBER 1 – We must love one another or (and?) die, Daisy!

One of the most famous poems written by W.H. Auden is “September 1, 1939.” It has the famous line: “We must love one another or die.” At least that was the line until Auden decided he hated it and essentially tried to erase it – unsuccessfully – from the public’s mind. Auden wrote the poem … Read more