Dr. Mardy Grothe’s NEVERISMS – a highly-recommended new book of quotations…

Every once in a while, I depart from the usual format of this blog to tell readers about new books of quotations that I particularly like and personally recommend. Today’s post is about one of those books — Neverisms: A Quotation Lover’s Guide to Things You Should Never Do, Never Say, or Never Forget. Neverisms … Read more

OCTOBER 18 – Nigel Rees’s “Quote…Unquote” Newsletter will soon be available by email

I’m departing from my usual format in today’s post to mention a great quotation resource that’s being made available online to quote buffs. The venerable “Quote…Unquote” Newsletter, which has been published in printed format for 18 years by the eminent British quotation expert Nigel Rees, is now available exclusively in electronic format. Rees is Britain’s … Read more